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Bullet high perfomance marine engines

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We supply high performance marine engines, refresh services and all top brand perfomance parts to all locations. Custom hot rod and competition automotive applications are also our specialty. Ready to go "Crate Engines" can be delivered to your location in the shortest possible time.

We welcome customers from California, Florida, Bermuda, Bahamas and Cuba to mention just a few.

We sell and service all makes and models of salt water and fresh water marine engines. The 1,000 Islands waterways of Canada and the United States are home to many of our high-perfomance power systems. From Vancouver and British Columbia to Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in Canada, and from Los Angeles to New York in the United States, we are the premier source of sales and service to the discriminating boating and hot rod enthusiasts.

We offer competitive rates on shipping costs, and coupled with our policy of never being undersold, we can offer you world-class service at local prices. CALL NOW.


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